Master Universitari Secondo Livello in Fashion Management & Design

Studia quando vuoi, dove vuoi e da qualsiasi dispositivo. Master Riconosciuto dal MIUR.

Obiettivi del Master Universitario di II Livello in Fashion Management & Design (English Lan.)

The Fashion Industry has always expressed a great economic and creativ potential, particulary in Italy where it represents a historical sector of excellence.
Thanks to the manufacturing and tailoring tradition as well as the creativity and the innovative ability of its great designers, the “Made in Italy” label has found in the fashion industry an important vehicle for its growth, both from the cultural/artistic and the economic/commercial point of view.
The Master in Fashion Management & Design has been designed by Marconi University to capitalize the value of the italian styling tradition and to improve professional training and refreshment in this ever-evolving sector.
The Master in Fashion Management & Design is the result of a partnership with Santangelo Collezioni, a renowned Italian brand which is currently standing out in the Italian and international fashion industry.
The assessment for the program as a whole is based on a wide-ranging combination of coursework including self assessments and a project work, the latter being the highest rated component.

Conseguimento del titolo

Al termine del corso, a quanti abbiano osservato tutte le condizioni richieste e superato con esito positivo le prove di valutazione previste, e maturato i 60 crediti riconosciuti, sarà rilasciato il Diploma di Master Universitario ai sensi del DM 270/2004.